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The Chassis Dyno is a DYNOmite made by Land-and Sea INC., operating with their Dyno-Max Pro software. Used for testing vehicle horsepower, torque and monitoring the vehicle's air-fuel ratio throughout a session. Also used for fine-tuning engines for maximum torque and horsepower.

We offer Remote Chip Tuning for your OBD1 Porsche 911 through Steve Wong (Call or e-mail for details). Remote Chip Tuning also available for your OBD1 BMW (Call or e-mail for details).

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Group Dyno-Days also available upon Request. We have held full days of dyno runs for local BMW and Porsche Clubs and have held tuning sessions for Mini-Coopers with tuning done by Revolution Mini Works. Call us at: 585-621-8200

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Last modified: March 20, 2011